2022 Upcoming Tours

Group Tours with Set Departure dates for 2022:

Duration Departure Date
Borneo 14 Days 21 July
South Western Colombia 15 Days 22 July
Brazil Atlantic Forest  (Special) 11 Days August
Uganda 14 Days 3 August
Southern Peru with Pachu Picchu 14 Days  9 August 
Madagascar 14 Days 30 September
Namibia, Botswana & Zambia 14 Days 2 November
Sri Lanka 12 Days 29 November
Northern India 14 Days December

Talk to our expert team at info@naturetravelbirding.com to book a spot or get more info about the 2022 group trips.

We also have great trips lined up for Group Departure in 2023, so you can start planning ahead. Browse through the Group departure dates for 2023 to find and book your trip for next year.

Keep in mind, you also have the option to book our birding tours as a private, small group guided tour for another date.