Trip Reports

Birding Trip Reports
Here you can get a glimpse of what our guides and clients experienced on recent birding tours around the globe.

•• Kenya Wildlife and Birding Tour (Trip report)

•• Rwanda Birding and Mammal Tour September 2023

•• Vietnam Birding Tour February 2023

•• Ghana Birding Tour January 2023

•• Peru Birding Tour August 2022

•• Uganda Birding & Primate Tour August 2022

•• Uganda Birding & Primate Tour June 2022

•• Namibia Bespoke birding

•• Malawi

•• Morocco

•• India (North East)

•• India (Northern)

•• Namibia Endemics

•• Spain

•• Uganda

•• Peru

•• Ghana

•• Windhoek, Namibia

•• Zambia

All our Birding Tours are fully customizable. You can either join a group tour with a set departure date or book a private birding tour.

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