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To be in the business of showing your clients our beautiful world and it’s spectacular birds is such a privilege.

On every journey we take, there are so many moments that we want to capture and share.  Our idea with this blog is to share a bit of the wonderful experiences we encounter on every tour. We hope you enjoy the journey with us and join us on a tour sometime.


India oh India, we cant’ wait to see you again!

On our last trip to India we again realized this is such an incredible destination and if you’re into birding, it definately needs a place on your wishlist.

We want to give you a sneek peak of what you can expect here with a virtual tour compiled by our expert-guide Marc Cronje. This will not only give you an insight of what the tour is all about but it will surely entice you to join us on the next tour in 2021.

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See what birding in Costa Rica is all about.

Costa Rica is a diverse birding destination with over 850 species of which seven are considered endemic and 19 are globally threatened.

You won’t get a better picture of what a tour is all about than from the expert-guide himself. We are sharing Marc Cronje’s virtual tour of his experience of Costa Rica to give you a peak of what you can expect from this extraordinary tour.

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Join Marc Cronje’s Virtual Tour in Uganda

If Uganda is on your list of birding destinations, this is a must watch! Our expert guide, Marc Cronje, takes you on a virtual tour, showing you beautiful Uganda and of course the spectacular birding opportunities and finds.

Sharing his personal experience of our Uganda Birding Tour will be more than enough to entice you to join the next birding tour in 2021.

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Let’s go Birding

Birding photographs are certainly some of the most satisfying to browse through.  The colours and small detail on every species can mesmerize you for hours.  There is only thing that beats this and that is seeing these birds in there natural habitat in real life.

To go birding anywhere in the world is an exhilarating experience, always awaiting the chance to see that one that you have been waiting to see for so long or to see your favourite bird again. And just as you think you have seen the most beautiful or most extraordinary bird, you see one that’s even better…

Sharing some of our favourite birding photographs with you from all over the globe.

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Weird and wonderful birding

When you embark on birding tours all over the world you see all kinds of birds and being avid birders, all the sightings are wonderful and exciting.

But there are a few that stands out for not only being wonderful, it’s also exhilarating, no matter how many times you see it.  For us, one such bird is the legendary Shoebill.

The Shoebill will mesmerize you, it is just so differently beautiful and unique…

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Why you should put birding in Tanzania on your wishlist…


Did you know that Tanzania has one of the largest species lists of any African country?

Of the almost 1,100, over 800 species are resident and nearly 200 are regular migrants. 21 Species are endemic to Tanzania and a further 43 species are near-endemic. Tanzania’s 80 Important Bird Areas (IBAs) cover a total of more than 167,000 km2 or about 18% of the land area, and the country also boasts 16 national parks and wildlife reserves.  In fact, an incredible 38% of Tanzania’s land is protected in parks and reserves! 

Just look at the amazing birds…

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Except for the extraordinary birding opportunities Tanzania offers that classic “Out of Africa” landscapes, fantastic wildlife (including Big Five), geological wonders, cultural richness and amazing Afro-Arab-Indian cuisine.

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Oh, the excitement of seeing the Pel’s Fishing Owl!

Pel's Fishing Owl with Nature Travel Birding

There are very few birds that bring more excitement when spotted by a birder for the first time than the Pel’s Fishing Owl.

Anticipation fills the air as we quietly approach a possible roosting spot. Slowly….we are trying our best not to step on any dry leaves or twigs that might alarm the birds.

They are a beautiful ginger-colour with a streaked or spotted breast. These owls are large, between 60 and 64cm tall, weighing around 2.4kg.  And their striking, huge black eyes stare down at you with a look of annoyance when you have found them at their day-time roost. 

The Pel’s Fishing Owl is always a highlight and big attraction on our Nature Travel Birding tours in the Caprivi and Botswana. Read more about our Namibia, Botswana & Zambia Birding Tour, we’d love for you to join us on the next one.

Sagittarius serpentarius: bird “of snakes”

This unmistakable, unique, long-legged, mostly ground-dwelling raptor with possibly the coolest scientific name (Sagittarius serpentarius, meaning “of snakes) was announced recently as Birdlife South Africa’s Bird of the Year for 2019.

It is quite a special sight to see one of these uncommon birds purposefully striding in the open grassland savannas of Africa, overpowering and eating anything from insects, lizards, small mammals, birds and of course snakes. Interestingly, despite its fearsome snake-killing reputation, snakes actually don’t make up a large proportion of the Secretarybird’s diet.

Check out this pair of stunning Secretarybirds recently seen by one of our guides and his clients while on a South African birding tour.

To experience once-in-a-lifetime sightings like these, join us on our expert-guided birding tours.  One of our best trips on which to see the Secretarybird is the Best of the East birding tour in South Africa. For more information on this or any of our birding trips get in touch at