Brazil Atlantic Forest

Tour Overview
Our Brazil Atlantic Forest Birding takes you to the most biodiverse country in the world; boasting the planet’s most extensive collection of fauna and flora species, including many iconic and legendary ones. Birding in South East Brazil is undoubtedly a must on any world birder’s list.

Bursting with life, the southeast of the country contains the highly threatened Atlantic forest (Mata Atlântica) and its special collection of endemic birds and other fauna. There are areas of coastal forest, araucaria forest, marshes, cerrado, montane forest, grasslands, restingas, the otherworldly highlands of Itatiaia, and much more.

The Atlantic forest extends along the Atlantic coast of Brazil from Rio Grande do Norte state in the north to Rio Grande do Sul state in the south, and inland as far as Paraguay and the Misiones province of Argentina. This rapidly disappearing natural wonder contains a patchwork of different landscapes, leading to incredibly high biodiversity and endemism.  This area contains 140 Brazilian endemic bird species, 105 near endemics, with over 80 species at risk of extinction!

From the cloudy forests in the mountains to the lowland coastal forests, this 11 day “Jewels of the Atlantic forest” tour offers colourful birds, endemic rarities, breathtaking landscapes, wonderful accommodation and superb cuisine in one of the world’s major diversity and endemism hotspots. Let’s go birding!
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Tour starts and ends in São Paulo
Tour duration: 11 days / 10 nights
Type of accommodation: Comfortable / Mid-range
Next group tour departure dates:   July 2025
Top Attractions:
Intervales State Park-
Protects a huge, uninterrupted tract of lush Atlantic forest; the numerous trails lead to unforgettable encounters with many endemic and rare birds
Itatiaia National Park-
Located in the heart of a vast mountain range, the huge altitudinal gradient allows for incredible birding diversity and superb photo opportunities in this majestic and historic park
One of Brazil’s most beautiful coastal areas, filled with mangroves, coastal forests, hummingbirds and another 400 fantastic species of birds
A bonanza of endemic and special birds, breathtaking scenery, superb accommodation, fascinating culture, excellent regional cuisine and much more!
Top Birds:
• Buff-throated Purpletuft  *
• Black-fronted Piping Guan  *
• Atlantic Royal Flycatcher  **
• Fork-tailed Tody-Tyrant  **
• White-bearded Antshrike  **
• Russet-winged Spadebill  **
• Bare-throated Bellbird  **
• Helmeted Woodpecker  **
• Blue-bellied Parrot  ***
• Crescent-chested Puffbird  ***
• Ochre-rumped Antbird  ***
• Black-legged Dacnis  ***
• Slaty Bristlefront  ***
• White-breasted Tapaculo  ***
• Saw-billed Hermit  ***
**  Vulnerable
***  Near-threatened

Top Mammals:
• Muriqui
• Ocelot
• Maned Wolf

Day 1 Arrival in São Paulo, transfer to Intervales State Park
Day 2-5 Intervales State Park
Day 6 Intervales State Park to Itatiaia National Park
Day 7-8 Itatiaia National Park
Day 9 Itatiaia National Park to Ubatuba
Day 10 Ubatuba and surrounds
Day 11 Ubatuba to São Paulo and Departure

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