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At a glance Peru simply has it all: monuments to ancient civilisations, world-leading fusion gastronomy, eclectic cultural heritage, outdoor adventures of all kinds, colourful tribal festivals, and of course wild and diverse landscapes. With over 1850 bird species Peru has one of the biggest bird lists in the world, including an incredible 107 endemic species. Peru is an extremely biodiverse country with habitats ranging from the arid plains of the Pacific coastal region in the west to the peaks of the Andes mountains vertically extending from the north to the southeast of the country to the tropical Amazon Basin rainforest in the east formed by the mighty Amazon river. Theodore Parker III, a well-known American ornithologist, once said, “Peru offers bird enthusiasts more than any other country in the world… Being here is like being a child visiting a huge store filled with new and fascinating toys.”Read more for full itinerary
Tour info:Next departure dates:     9 August 2020Spaces available:     Yes
Top Birds:

White-necked Rockfowl
Congo Serpent Eagle
Long-tailed Hawk
Double-toothed and Yellow-billed Barbet
Violet Turaco
Oriole Warbler
Stone Partridge
Violet-backed Hyliota
Sharpe’s Apalis
Red-billed Helmetshrike
Brown-cheeked Hornbill
Black Dwarf Hornbill
Rosy and Black Bee-eater
Grey Parrot
Great Blue Turaco
Nkulengu Rail
Green-tailed Bristlebill
Yellow-bearded Greenbul
White-crested Tiger Heron
White-breasted Guineafowl
Standard-winged Nightjar
Forbes’s Plover
Rufous-rumped Lark
Red-fronted Antpecker

Top Mammals:

Lesser Spot-nosed-, Green-, Patas- and Mona MonkeyOlive and White-thighed Colobus Olive BaboonPottoDemidoff’s Dwarf GalagoAfrican Elephant (including the forest subspecies)African Buffalo (forest subspecies)African CivetLeopardSpotted HyaenaRed River HogBlack-bellied PangolinCrested PorcupineBongoKobOgilby’s DuikerRoan Antelope

Top Attractions:
Canopy walkway in Kakum National Park;
2 full days in Mole National Park;
Cape Coast Castle;
Camping in Ankasa rainforest;
Rockfowl nesting site visit;
Atewa Range forest reserve;
Bobiri butterfly sanctuary;
City of Accra;
City of Kumasi

Day 1 Arrival in Ghana
Day 2 Shai Hills, Sakumono Lagoon & Winneba Plains
Day 3 Kakum National Park (Canopy Walkway)
Day 4 Kakum National Park (Antikwaa)
Day 5 Kakum National Park (Abrafo) & Brenu Akyinim
Day 6 Nsuta Forest & Ankasa Reserve
Day 7 Ankasa Reserve
Day 8 Ankasa Reserve & Brenu Akyinim
Day 9 Abrafo Forest & Picathartes Nesting Site
Day 10 Offinso Forest & Mole National Park
Day 11 & 12 Mole National Park
Day 13 Mole National Park & Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary
Day 14 Bobiri Butterfly Sanctuary & Atewa Range
Day 15 Atewa Range & Departure

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