Upcoming Group Tours

There are a few specific aspects that we focus on to make sure our Set Departure Group Tours meet all the requirements of an unforgettable birding tour.
It starts with your itinerary, planned by our expert team, based on years of birding experience around the globe. With our small group tours, we also focus on offering a personalised birding experience.

And then, of course, you are joined on your tour by one of our expert guides;  sharing their knowledge of the different bird species, habitats and behaviours in the area.

View our upcoming guided tours with a set departure date:

••  2021 Set departure date birding tours
••  2022 Set departure date birding tours

Should you be interested in a tour on the calendar but would rather book a private tour for another date, please get in touch with our team at info@naturetravelbirding.com to customize a tour.