Windhoek Day Tour

If you are unable to embark on a long birding safari our Windhoek Birding day trip is a must do. 
This trip to the hotspots around Windhoek will yield some highly satisfying birding. A lot of the Namibian endemics and other specials can be found close to the capital. A possible 2 or 3-day extension to include the coast and escarpment will increase the diversity of birds you can find in a short space of time.
For the shorter trips, we are flexible and will create a customised itinerary according to your target birds, budget and time that you have available.
NEXT DEPARTURE DATE: Arranged on request
On the day trips out of Windhoek specials likely to be found include:
• Rockrunner
• Bradfield’s Swift
• Damara Hornbill
• Monteiro’s Hornbill
• White-tailed Shrike
• Cape Penduline-Tit
• Orange River Francolin
• Violet-eared and Black-faced Waxbill
• Acacia Pied Barbet
• Pririt Batis
• Carp’s Black Tit
• Rosy-faced Lovebird
• Chestnut Weaver
• Burnt-necked Eremomela

In addition to the above, on trips a little further afield the specials include:
• Hartlaub’s Spurfowl
• Ruppel’s Parrot
• Herero Chat
• Violet Woodhoopoe
• Dune Lark
• Gray’s Lark
• Ruppel’s Korhaan
• Damara Tern
• Orange River White-eye
• Trac-trac Chat
• Stark’s Lark
• Augur Buzzard

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