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North-west Argentina: Jujuy birding route and Salta’s Monte Desert Tour

Our 14 Day Argentina Birding tour take you to North-west Argentina. This region is famous for its diversity of landscapes, wildlife and cultures. In a relatively small area, it is possible to travel from the subtropical warm plains of the eastern lowlands to the high altitude cold Andean peaks, with a wide array of habitats and landscapes in between. This produces a very high bird diversity that goes from Toucans and Trogons to Flamingos and Condors, just to mention a few iconic species.

Apart from the birds, this region is very diverse in other animal groups, such as mammals and butterflies. The green corridor formed by the Tucumano-Boliviano Forest coming down from southern Bolivia to the Argentine provinces of Tucuman and Catamarca, connect some very well protected national parks such as Baritú and El Rey (in Salta) and the fabulous Calilegua (in Jujuy), probably the most accessible and biodiverse of them. This gives refuge to many endangered or scarce species such as the Jaguar and the Brazilian Tapir, which also use the increasingly fragmented Chaco Forest that extends to the east. In this last habitat, encounters with other very attractive members of the neotropical fauna, such as the Giant Anteater and the Chacoan Peccary, are rare but still a possibility in the most remote places.

The highlands are as different to the lowlands as they can be, in pretty much all means. From the Pre-Puna semi-desert with giant columnar cacti, to the Puna steppes and marshes, and passing near high Andes peaks of more than five thousand meters above sea level, one can almost forget that just a few days ago we were birding in the warm subtropical forests. There are fewer species of fauna, but the open landscape makes them easier to see. Every now and then we go across special spots teeming with bird activity, or with groups of Vicuñas staring at us.

Culturally speaking, the lowlands are “gaucho” (South American cowboys) territory, and the highlands are part of the ancient “Tawantinsuyo” (the Inca Empire), and its reminiscences survive until today. In a land of strong traditions, world-famous wines and exquisite cuisine (best empanadas in the world) this tour comprises all major habitats of north-west Argentina in a 14 day trip along a fairly new birding route that has been designed by us to take the best advantage of a relatively short period of time.

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Tour starts in Jujuy and ends in Salta City
Tour duration: 14 days / 13 night
Type of accommodation: Comfortable, Mid-range
Next group tour departure dates:  To be confirmed
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Top Attractions:
• Chaco Forest of La Unión
• Calilegua National Park
• Potrero de Yala Provincial Park
• Quebrada de Humahuaca (UNESCO World Heritage site)
• Archaeological Museum of High Mountain

Top Birds:
• Least Seedsnipe
• Patagonian Tinamou
• Lesser Rhea
• Chocolate-vented Tyrant
• Tawny-throated Dotterel
• Magellanic Penguin
• Spot-billed Toucanet
• Saffron Toucanet
• Green-headed Tanager
• Spot-backed Antshrike
• Large-tailed Antshrike
• Tufted and Giant Antshrike
• Blue Manakin
• Black Jacobin
• Black-fronted Piping-Guan

Top Mammals:
• Jaguar
• South American Tapir
• Chacoan Peccary
• Giant Anteater
• Central American Agouti
• South American Sea Lion
• South American Fur Seal
• Patagonian Fox
• Orca
• Big Hairy Armadillo
• Southern long-nosed Armadillo
• Nine banded Armadillo

Optional Activities:
Archaeological Museum of High Mountain

Day 1-5 Start of tour in Jujuy, birding in and around Ecoportal
Day 5 From Ecoportal to Calilegua National Park
Day 6 From Calilegua National Park to Potrero de Yala Provincial Park
Day 7 From Potrero de Yala Provincial Park to Quebrada de Humahuaca valley
Day 8-9 From Quebrada de Humahuaca valley to La Quiaca
Day 10 From the small village Yavi to Salta city
Day 11-12 Salta City to Cafayate
Day 13 From Cafayate to Salta City
Day 14 Salta airport for departure flight

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