About us


Nature Travel Birding is the dedicated birding part of the Nature Travel Group that consists of several travel companies (including African safaris, conservation safaris, veterinary safaris, active safaris and more) concentrating on unique, personalised wildlife and bucket list experiences all over the world.

Nature Travel Birding specialises in private and small group birding trips in Namibia, South Africa, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Kenya, Tanzania, Malawi, Ethiopia, Ghana, Uganda, Rwanda, Madagascar, India, Thailand, Ecuador, Peru, Spain and the rest of Europe.
We offer both set departure date group safaris as well as private customised birding safaris, with a maximum of 6 clients per trip. We also offer day and short birding trips in Namibia, South Africa, Kenya and Europe. We pride ourselves on the fact that we can offer every client a personalised birding experience.

Nature Travel Birding was founded by Nick Buys from a love of birding and passion of sharing his knowledge with clients. Nick has travelled and led birding and wildlife safaris all over the world.
Our company has a dedicated team where each member was chosen for his/her specific skill and expertise in the travel, birdwatching and general wildlife field. We are passionately driven to ensure our clients get a bespoke travel experience every time.

Our birding tours are generally at a fairly good pace, but with plenty time to still enjoy the landscapes and general wildlife on offer, as is the case with most birding trips. We also offer photographers the chance to get that “perfect shot”, as all our birding guides are avid photographers themselves, and know exactly what is needed for that great picture.

We are also always happy to arrange a custom trip, and can run any of our advertised tours any time by request. Furthermore, we love the challenge of clients sending us a bird “wish list” for a specific area – we will go out of our way to set up the perfect itinerary for you to find those rare and wonderful species on your list!

We pride ourselves on answering queries and questions with the speed of a hummingbird. Our office team will get back to you as soon as possible and keep updating you on various aspects of your birding trip questions and concerns. The team is passionate about the business, about birds, about nature in general, and most importantly about keeping our clients happy and impressed with our exemplary and friendly service.

Our sister companies: 
Nature Travel Namibia:
Specialised Namibia private and small group safaris.
Nature Travel Africa:
Specialising in group and private safaris throughout Africa.
Nature Travel Active:
Ensuring your body stays as healthy as your mind and spirit while you are on your next safari.
Nature Travel Expeditions:
Focusing on bucket-list experiences in fascinating places.
Namibia Vet Safaris:
Gives you a chance to take a behind the scenes look at conservation efforts and the veterinary wildlife field in Namibia.
Nature Travel Conservation:
Be part of conserving nature and its wildlife for the generations to come after us.
Nature Travel Kruger:
Specialising in group and private safaris to the Kruger National Park.
Nature Travel Wildlife Conservation & Veterinary Trust:
The Trust plays an active role in wildlife conservation in Namibia and Africa, by providing veterinary services and assisting with veterinary related expenses for injured wildlife and emergency translocation of wildlife species.