Tour Overview
Our 16-day Ethiopia Birding Tour takes you to top birding locations like Bale Mountains, Awash National Parks, the Rift Valley lakes, Sanetti Plateau, Liben Plain, Yabelo, Jemma valley, Sululta Plain and more. The beautiful country is home to an impressive bird list of more than 850 species with a staggering 40 endemic or near-endemic and a further 35 globally threatened. You can look forward to see around 500 to 550 different bird species on this tour, showcasing the awesome birding in Ethiopia.

The unique, varied birding habitats include highlands, arid desert, bushlands, moister Guinea woodland, Afro-alpine shrubland and pockets of Afromontane forest. Ethiopia has rightly become one of Africa`s leading birding destinations and known to be a very rewarding birding destination as the birds have never been hunted and are quite tame and confiding.

This tour is not limited to birding; Ethiopia is a country with peerless history, scenic diversity, incredibly unique cultural heritage, excellent cuisine and Africa’s most soulful people.
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Ethiopia Birding Tour Info:
Safari starts and ends in Addis Ababa
Tour duration: 16 days / 15 nights
Type of accommodation: Basic but adequate
This birding tour can be booked as a private guided tour for your preferred travel dates
Next group tour departure dates:  15 January 2024
Bale Mountains National Park-
Home to five very different and unique ecosystems, the Ethiopian Wolf and 310 bird species; “one park, many worlds” is the park’s apt slogan
Awash National Park-
Situated in the Rift valley and boasting diverse fauna and flora, including over 400 avian species, along with volcanoes and waterfalls
Liben Plain-
An IBA, part of the South Ethiopian Highlands EBA and home to several threatened species, including Archer’s Lark; and unfortunately under severe threat
Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve-
Large expanse of arid grassland plains boasting Grevy’s Zebra and several bustard species, including the near-threatened Arabian Bustard
Small town in southern Ethiopia, famous for two very special birds: Stresemann’s Bushcrow and White-tailed Swallow, among the characteristic giant red termite mounds
Jemma Valley-
Stunning scenery where the Jemma river cuts a deep gorge in the Acacia woodland landscape; home to several special birds

Focus Birds for Ethiopia:
• Stresemann’s Bushcrow
• Moorland Francolin
• Harwood’s, Black-fronted and Erckel’s Spurfowl
• Ruspoli’s and White-cheeked Turaco
• Yellow-fronted Parrot
• Black-winged Lovebird
• Spot-breasted Lapwing
• Blue-winged Goose
• Abyssinian Woodpecker
• White-tailed Swallow
• Ankober Serin
• Salvadori’s Seedeater
• Ethiopian Siskin
• Archer’s Lark
• Red-billed Pytilia

Top Mammals for Ethiopia:
• Ethiopian Wolf
• Lion (small chance)
• Leopard (small chance)
• Cheetah (small chance)
• Grevy’s Zebra
• Mountain Nyala
• Gelada and Hamadryas Baboon
• Bale Mountains Vervet
• Desert Warthog

Day 1 Tour starts in Addis Ababa, transfer to Debre Zeyit/Bishoftu
Day 2 Bishoftu, transfer to Awash National Park
Day 3 Awash National Park
Day 4 Aledeghi Wildlife Reserve
Day 5 Drive through the Rift Valley to Abijatta-Shalla National Park
Day 6 Abijatta-Shalla to Bale Mountains National Park
Day 7 Sanetti Plateau (Bale Mountains National Park)
Day 8 Bale to Negele
Day 9 Birding around Negele, including Liben Plain
Day 10 Negele to Yabelo
Day 11 Mega and Yabelo
Day 12 Yabelo, transfer to Lake Awassa
Day 13 Morning birding at Wondo Genet, transfer to Debre Zeyit/Bishoftu
Day 14 Sululta Plain and Debre Libanos
Day 15 Jemma Valley, transfer to Debre Berhan
Day 16 Debre Berhan, transfer to Addis Ababa and Departure

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