Tour Overview
Shhh… Don’t tell anyone, but Honduras is definitely Central America’s best kept secret. This beautiful forested country is best known for its rich natural resources that includes minerals, coffee, tropical fruit and sugar cane, as well as for its textiles industry.

It also boasts the world’s second largest barrier reef, historically important Mayan ruins, thick montane jungles, beautiful colonial architecture and pristine white beaches.

Luckily for birders and nature lovers Honduras furthermore offers a treasure trove of fauna and flora riches. More than 30 cloud forests, along with varied habitats like tropical rainforest, pine forest, savannahs, mangroves, sandy beaches (pearly white on the north coast, volcanic black in the south) and coastal lagoons lead to numerous and diverse fauna and flora species. The country boasts over 760 avian species in almost 60 families, and although only having one endemic, there are some truly special and incredibly colourful species to be seen here. More than 100 birds have their range limits in the country; many northern birds occur only as far south as Honduras, while many South American birds reach their northernmost extent here.

Apart from the excellent birding, Honduras also has ample tourist facilities, friendly people, colourful butterflies, excellent cuisine, interesting mammals, beautiful orchids and some truly superb scenery. And since Honduras has not yet been discovered by the big crowds of tourists, there are still many unspoiled natural places. Get ready for a birding trip of a lifetime!
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Tour starts in Tegucigalpa and ends in San Pedro Sula
Tour duration: 14 days / 13 nights
Type of accommodation: Comfortable, mid-range
Next departure dates: To be confirmed
Private and small group, customised safaris can be booked on request for your preferred travel dates
Top Attractions:
La Tigra National Park-
Excellent cloud forest mountain birding, along with several hiking trail options and over 30 mammal species
Celaque National Park-
Pine-oak forest, dry forest and cloud forest, and home to the country’s only endemic species
Montana Santa Barbara National Park-
Stunning park next to Lake Yojoa that holds over 400 orchid species and some truly spectacular birds
Pico Bonito National Park
Part of an important land bridge between two continents, this area boasts 10% of all species found on earth!

Top Birds:
• Honduran Emerald
• Green-throated Mountaingem
• Wine-throated Hummingbird
• Highland Guan
• Great Curassow
• Ocellated and Singing Quail
• Buffy-crowned Wood Partridge
• Chestnut-coloured Woodpecker
• White-fronted Amazon
• Keel-billed and Blue-throated Motmot
• Emerald Toucanet
• Lovely Cotinga
• Golden-cheeked Warbler
• Black-capped Swallow

Top Mammals:
• Puma (very small chance)
• Jaguar (very small chance)
• West Indian Manatee (small chance)
• Ocelot
• White-lipped Peccary
• White-nosed Coati
• Baird’s Tapir
• Northern Tamandua
• Panamanian White-faced Capuchin
• Mantled Howler Monkey
• Black-handed Spider Monkey

Day 1 Arrival in Tegucigalpa and afternoon birding
Day 2 La Tigra National Park
Day 3 Cerro de Hula, transfer to Marcala
Day 4 Birding at El Jilguero Reserve (Opatoro-Guajiquiro)
Day 5 El Consejero Private Reserve, transfer to Gracias
Day 6 Birding at Honduran Emerald and Ocellated Quail locations
Day 7 Celaque National Park, transfer to Lake Yojoa
Day 8 Lake Yojoa and Panacam
Day 9 Montana Santa Barbara National Park and visit to Montaña de Vida project
Day 10 Birding in Luna del Puente and transfer to Pico Bonito National Park
Day 11 Rio Santiago Nature Resort
Day 12 Cuero y Salado Wildlife Refuge
Day 13 Pico Bonita Lodge
Day 14 Transfer to San Pedro Sula Airport and Departure

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