Namibia Endemics

Tour overview
From the flamingo-filled lagoon at the Atlantic coast to the red dunes of the Namib desert, to the flat expanse of the massive Etosha pan and the rugged escarpment mountains, to the raging Kunene river in the north, Namibia really has it all covered when it comes to top birding habitats.

The country might only have one endemic (the desert-loving Dune Lark), but with another 17 near-endemics and many special southern African species, combined with great tourism infrastructure, friendly people and a safe environment, this is a birding trip that is difficult to beat. You can count on seeing several hundred avian species, along with many mammals, other fascinating fauna and flora, excellent photographic opportunities and some superb classic African safari landscapes.

We have perfected this 13-day tour over the years to provide both the amateur and serious birder with the perfect chance to see all of Namibia’s top avian celebrities. Let’s go birding!
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Tour starts and ends in Windhoek
Tour duration: 13 days / 12 night
Type of accommodation: Comfortable, Mid-range
Next departure dates: To be confirmed
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Top Attractions:
Etosha National Park-
One of the planet’s top wildlife reserves
Dramatic landscapes and home to desert adapted wildlife
Stark but stunning area with very special birds
Walvis Bay-
Tourist town nestled between dunes and sea, with much to do and see
Waterberg Plateau National Park-
Rugged cliffs, special antelopes and top birds

Top Birds:
• Dune Lark
• Gray’s Lark
• Damara Tern
• Cinderella Waxbill
• Rufous-tailed Palm Thrush
• Rockrunner
• Hartlaub’s Spurfowl
• Herero Chat
• Bare-cheeked Babbler
• Black-faced Babbler
• Bradfield’s Hornbill
• Damara Red-billed Hornbill
• Monteiro’s Hornbill

Top Mammals:
• African Elephant
• African Buffalo
• Lion
• Leopard
• White Rhinoceros
• Black Rhinoceros (Africa’s Big Five)
• Cheetah
• Gemsbok
• Mountain Zebra

Optional Activities:
Night drive in Etosha National Park (when staying inside the park)
Adventure activity at Walvis Bay

Day 1 Start of tour in Windhoek, birding at Avis Dam
Day 2 Birding at Daan Viljoen, drive across the Namib desert to Swakopmund
Day 3 Swakopmund and Walvis Bay
Day 4 Swakopmund to Damaraland (Spitzkoppe & Brandberg)
Day 5 Swakopmund to Damaraland (Spitzkoppe & Brandberg)
Day 6 Damaraland (Huab river and surrounds)
Day 7 Kunene river and surrounds (including boat cruise)
Day 8 Kunene to Etosha National Park (western section)
Day 9 Etosha National Park (southern section)
Day 10 Etosha National Park (central section)
Day 11 Etosha National Park (eastern section)
Day 12 Etosha National Park to Waterberg Plateau National Park
Day 13 Waterberg Plateau NP to Windhoek and Departure

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