Angola Birding

Tour Overview
Our Angola Birding Tour promises a fantastic birding experience with a bird list of 950 plus species, including 15 endemics and a range other near endemic species. The combination of varied habitats, high species diversity and significant numbers of endemics and specials makes Angola one of the continent’s top birding destinations.After the war, travelling in Angola was not easy at all and birding trips were typically mobile camping adventures. The tourism infrastructure upgrades over the last few years, has changed this for us, and we now have accommodation of reasonable standards with on suite bathrooms. A sense of adventure is still required to explore this diverse country that offers some spectacular birding and scenery.

Keeping in mind not too many birders have visited Angola, you will be seeing birds not too many people have seen and it really gives a sense of adventure to explore birding in spectacular habitats that have nobody around.

This Angola Birding tour takes us through the western parts of the country and to all the key birding spots. We start the tour in the capital, Luanda and Kissama National Park. You can look forward to some excellent birding in the patches of Afromontane and Congo Basin Forest, the impressive and famous Kalandula Falls and the swamp forests in the area. Also on the list is the well known and iconic birding spot, Kumbira Forest, outside of Gabela. The Gabela Helmetshrike, Gabela Bushshrike and Gabela Akalat are all endemic to Angola and are named after this town. Mount Moco, Benguela, Lubango, and the impressive Tundavala escarpment and the dry coastal plain to the Namibe Province definitely wont disappoint.

With an impressive list of sought after species Angola is a top birding destination for any world lister or birding enthusiast.
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Tour starts and ends in Luanda
Tour duration: 19 days
Next group departure date:  TBC
This birding tour can be booked as a private small group tour.

• Kissama National Park
• Congo Basin Forest
• Kalandula Falls
• Kumbira Forest
• Tundavala
• Mount Moco

Top birds:
• Gabela Helmetshrike
• Monteiro’s Bushshrike
• Ludwig’s Double-collared Sunbird
• White-headed Robin-Chat
• Red-crested Turaco
• Gabela Bushshrike
• Gray-striped Francolin
• Swiestra’s Francolin / Spurfowl
• Anchieta’s Barbet
• White-fronted Wattle-eye

Top mammals:
• Yellow-spotted Hyrax
• Malbrouck Monkey
• Blue Monkey
• Southern Talapoin Monkey
• African Giant Squirrel
• Congo Rope Squirrel
• Angolan Epauletted Fruit Bat
• Common Genet
• Gambian Sun Squirrel
• Kinda Baboon
• Spotted-necked Otter( rare)

Day 1 Arrival in Luanda
Day 2 Kwanza Lodge to Muxima
Day 3 Muxima and Kissama National Park
Day 4 Transfer from Muxima to Uige
Day 5-6 Quitexe and surroundings / Damengola Forest
Day 7 Uige to Kalandula
Day 8 Kalandula and Kinjila
Day 9 Kalandula to N’dalatando
Day 10 Tombingo Forest and transfer to Kumbira Forest
Day 11-12 Birding Kumbira Forest
Day 13 Transfer from Kumbira Forest to Mount Moco
Day 14 Birding Mount Moco and surroundings
Day 15 Transfer from Mount Moco to Benguela
Day 16 Benguela to Lubango
Day 17-18 Birding Tundavala and Namibe
Day 19 Departure from Lubango

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