Northern Colombia Birding

Tour Overview
Diversity is the name of the game in Colombia. This fascinating South American country might be situated on the equator, but it has incredibly varied habitat and truly dramatic elevation changes. In a day or two you could travel from the Caribbean’s white beaches to dense Amazonian rainforests, then to verdant, coffee-strewn hilltops and then further onto the snow-capped, high altitudes of the Andes mountains.

These many different habitats ensure an abundance of bird species, with new ones still being discovered and new records being announced often. In fact, with more than 1,950 species (almost 20% of the world’s total) counted so far, Colombia currently has more species of birds than any other country on the planet. The country additionally boasts 91 endemic and 125 globally threatened species.

This 15 day Nature Travel Birding tour takes place in the north of the country. This area of Colombia is one of many contrasts, with an eclectic mix of Andean and American, and new and old in terms of food, culture and architecture. It is also a highly biodiverse area, with desert, jungle, beaches, mangroves and the high mountain plains (páramo) all on our doorstep. We will visit some fantastic and famous birding hotspots during our tour, including Sumapaz National Park, Bella Vista Natural Reserve, the Magdalena Valley, Tayrona and Los Flamencos National Parks and of course the legendary Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Colombia is not only about different habitats and phenomenal birds though… It is a heaven for adventure seekers and hikers, has extraordinary cultural heritage, breathtaking scenery, superb historical architecture, amazing other species of fauna and flora, fantastic cuisine, superb coffee and very friendly people.
Let’s go birding!

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Safari starts and ends in Bogota
Tour duration: 15 days / 14 nights
Type of accommodation: Comfortable, mid-range
Next departure dates:  July 2022 / July 2023
Spaces available: Yes
Top Attractions:
Sumapaz National Park–
High altitude park with unique páramo ecosystem and several endemic and special avian species.
Bella Vista Natural Reserve-
Beautiful patch of humid forest in the middle Magdalena valley boasting several endemics.
Rio Claro Reserve–
A hotspot for bird diversity, including the bizarre Oilbird, several endemics and many other fantastic birds.
Tayrona National Park–
Half maritime, half land-based park with 108 species of mammals, 300 species of birds and stunning scenery.
Los Flamencos National Park–
Uniquely varied habitats of wetland lagoon and dry scrub vegetation, containing several fantastic near endemics and colourful flamingos.
Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta–
The highest coastal mountain on the planet and one of the most important endemism hotspots in the world, with 36 species of birds restricted to it.

Top Birds:
• Santa Marta Screech Owl, Parakeet, Antpitta, Antbird, Mountain Tanager, Tapaculo, Foliage-gleaner, Brushfinch, Bush Tyrant, Seedeater and more!
• Chestnut-winged Chachalaca
• Green-bearded Helmetcrest
• Silvery-throated Spinetail
• Bogota Rail
• White-mantled Barbet
• Beautiful Woodpecker
• Magdalena Antbird
• Russet-throated Puffbird
• Antioquia Bristle Tyrant
• Apolinar’s Wren
• Subtropical Doradito
• Pale-bellied Tapaculo
• Scarlet-bellied and Hooded Mountain Tanager

Top Mammals:
• Spectacled Bear (small chance)
• Ocelot
• South American Coati
• Tayra
• Crab-eating Fox
• Kinkajou
• Colombian Night Monkey
• Santa Marta White-fronted Capuchin
• Cotton-top Tamarin
• Dwarf Red Brocket

Day 1 Arrival in Bogota
Day 2 Sumapaz National Park
Day 3 Indigo-capped Hummingbird Reserve
Day 4 Combeima Canyon and Honda
Day 5 Bella Vista Nature Reserve and Rio Claro Reserve
Day 6 Oilbird Caves and Rio Claro Reserve
Day 7 Rio Claro Reserve and flight to Barranquilla
Day 8 Isla Salamanca and Minca
Day 9 Minca to El Dorado lodge
Day 10 El Dorado Lodge (Cerro Kennedy)
Day 11 El Dorado Lodge
Day 12 El Dorado Lodge to Tayrona National Park
Day 13 Tayrona National Park and Riohacha
Day 14 Los Flamencos National Park and flight to Bogota
Day 15 Departure from Bogota

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