Tour Overview
Our Poland Birding Tour will focus on the rarities of Northeastern Poland. We’ll be looking for woodpeckers (8 species, including Eurasian Three-toed, White-backed, Grey-headed and Black Woodpecker), Eurasian Pygmy Owl, Spotted Nutcracker, Great Snipe, Hazel Grouse and many more. Until the beginning of October there will be also a possibility to observe Eagles, namely Lesser Spotted and Greater Spotted Eagle among others.

Poland offers a diverse range of natural landscapes and attractions, making it an excellent nature destination. The beautiful country is home to several stunning national parks, each with its own unique natural beauty. Poland also has over 9,000 lakes and truly stunning mountain ranges, along with the beautiful Baltic Sea coastline. These natural habitats support a remarkable variety of flora and fauna.

Overall, Poland’s combination of diverse ecosystems, protected areas and efforts towards sustainable tourism make it an appealing birding destination with the added bonus of remarkable landscapes, unique wildlife encounters and outdoor adventures.

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Tour starts and ends in Warsaw
Tour duration: 6 days
Next group departure date:  To be confirmed
This birding tour can be booked as a private small group tour.

• Białowieża National Park
– a UNESCO World Heritage site, houses the last remaining primeval forest in Europe,
• Biebrza National Park
– boasts vast wetlands, marshes, and diverse bird species,
• Warsaw
– offers a unique blend of history, culture, and modernity,
• A well-developed transportation network and tourist infrastructure,
• Friendly, welcoming people and excellent cuisine.

Top birds:
• Eurasian Three-toed Woodpecker
• White-backed Woodpecker
• Grey-headed Woodpecker
• Black Woodpecker
• White-tailed Eagle
• Eurasian Pygmy Owl
• Spotted Nutcracker
• Hazel Grouse
• Northern Lapwing
• Eurasian Curlew
• Great Snipe
• Aquatic Warbler

Top mammals:
European Bison
Elk (Moose)
Eurasian Beaver
Grey Wolf
Eurasian Lynx
Eurasian Red Squirrel

Day 1 Warsaw to Białowieża
Day 2-4 Białowieża
Day 5 Białowieża to Biebrza
Day 6 Biebrza
Day 7 Biebrza to Warsaw

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