Birding in Ecuador with Will Haffey

It’s a premier birding destination in South America and for very good reason. Ecuador boasts a bird list of over 1,800 species with a variety of faunal zones, each with its characteristic birds.

The Chocó is an Eco-region and biodiversity hotspot in Northern Ecuador that holds the largest number of restricted-range birds of any Endemic Bird Area in the Americas, with an incredible 62 species being endemic to the area. Definitely one of the top worldwide birding hotspots and worth packing your camera and bags to join our next tour for this amazing birding experience.

Nature Travel Birding’s guide, Will Haffey, based in the United States, put together a virtual birding tour of Northern Ecuador. The virtual tour shares birding in Northern Ecuador from Will’s perspective as expert-guide, giving a good idea of what to expect from our Tour Itinerary.

And, of course, for those who’s been privileged to have been to Ecuador, a chance to reminisce on the memories of the wonderful birding opportunities and maybe enticing you into planning your next trip to revisit the birders’ paradise with us in July 2021.

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