Madagascar Birding

At a glance
Endemism is the name of the game on Madagascar, the world’s fourth-largest island and home to some truly astonishing creatures. The island hosts six endemic bird families and a full 120 endemic bird species. In addition to the wonderful birdlife, Madagascar also boasts an extraordinarily remarkable array of endemic flora, reptiles, frogs and mammals, the famous lemurs and two-thirds of the world’s chameleons, not to mention the stunning reefs, pristine beaches and tropical rainforests. Madagascar truly is “a world apart”.
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Tour info:
Next departure date: 22 September 2020
Spaces available:     Yes
Top Birds:

Madagascan Fish Eagle
Malagasy and Banded Kestrel
Malagasy Pond Heron
Madagascan Ibis
Madagascan Grebe
Meller’s Duck
Red-capped and Giant Coua
Red Fody
Long-tailed Ground Roller
Short-legged Ground Roller
Pitta-like Ground Roller
Scaly Ground Roller
Rufous-headed Ground Roller
Cuckoo Roller
Subdesert Mesite
Brown Mesite
Velvet Asity
Helmet Vanga
Van Dam’s Vanga
Chabert Vanga
Rufous Vanga
Madagascan Buttonquail
Madagascan Sandgrouse
Madagascan Nightjar
Yellow-bellied Sunbird-Asity

Top Mammals:

FossaIndri Verreaux’s SifakaGolden Bamboo LemurRed-fronted Brown LemurMadame Berthe’s Mouse LemurRed-tailed and White-footed Sportive LemurCoquerel’s Giant Mouse LemurRing-tailed LemurMalagasy Giant Jumping Rat

Top Attractions:
• Andatabo forest
• Spiny forests in the south
• Sandstone formations of Isalo
• Zombitse forest
• Beach town of Ifaty
• Ranomafana National Park
• Strange insects and frogs
• Andasibe-Mantadia National Park

Day 1 Arrival in Madagascar and transfer to the hotel
Day 2 Flight to Toliara, birding before and after
Day 3 Andatabo and Ifaty
Day 4 Mangily Spiny Forest
Day 5 Zombitse Forest and Isalo National Park
Day 6 Anja Reserve and off to Ranomafana National Park
Day 7-8 Ranomafana National Park
Day 9 Ranomafana to Antsirabe
Day 10 Off to Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
Day 11,12 &13 Andasibe-Mantadia National Park
Day 14 Andasibe to Torotorofotsy Marsh and return to Tana (departure)

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