Tour Overview
Home to the largest religious monument on Earth, the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia has been called the “Kingdom of Wonder” for its incredibly rich cultural heritage. It boasts a history that includes the great Khmer empire, Hinduism, Buddhism, French colonial rule and modern globalisation.

However, this enigmatic country offers much more than just stunning temples and rich history. It is one of the top destinations for backpackers and spiritual pilgrims from all over the globe. If you are a traveller in search of an experience totally out of the ordinary, you have come to the right place!

Cambodia’s natural geography includes pure white beaches, lush jungles, stunning islands, emerald green rice fields, the longest river in Southeast Asia, vast grasslands, forested mountains and much more. Naturally, this leads to incredible biodiversity with abundant wildlife. From jungle cats to river dolphins, and even crocodiles and elephants, Cambodia is inhabited by many wonderful fauna species. Although the country has only 2 endemic bird species, its list of over 510 avian species contains many that are considered Asia’s most desirable and some that are difficult to see elsewhere, as well as at least 32 globally threatened species.

This 12 day Nature Travel Birding tour will visit most of the birding hotspots in the country, ensuring a great trip list and a fantastic birding holiday in this culture-rich wonderland. We will enjoy some adventurous camping in beautiful settings, amazing fauna and flora, inspiring landscapes, superb street markets, unique local cuisine and friendly people with generous hospitality.
Let’s go birding in Cambodia!
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Please note: there is also an option of a 5 day extension to the Aural mountains and Pursat grasslands (see end of full itinerary for all the details). We highly recommend this extension!

TOUR INFO:Tour starts in Siem Reap and ends in Phnom Penh
Tour duration: 12 days / 11 nights
Type of accommodation: Comfortable, mid-range (includes camping at certain remote spots)
This tour can be booked as a Private, small group tour based on your preferred travel dates
Next Group departure dates: March 2023
Top Attractions:
Angkor Wat-
Cambodia’s main tourist attraction and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the huge 12th century temple complex is undoubtedly a must-see
Prek Toal-
fantastic bird sanctuary in the Tonlé Sap Biosphere Reserve, with stunning scenery and loads of water-associated species
Ang Trapaeng Thmor-
created to protect the elegant Sarus Crane; now boasts fantastic birding in a beautiful setting
two full days in an eco-lodge inside a sanctuary for White-shouldered and Giant Ibis, along with many other special species, including 16 different woodpeckers
contains pristine deciduous dipterocarp forest that supports fantastic and rare fauna species, including White-winged Duck
Boeng Toal Vulture Restaurant-
get up close to at least three wonderful, but unfortunately critically endangered, species of vultures while camping in the Cambodian wilderness
small riverside town with big attractions, including Irrawady Dolphins and wonderful birds

Top Birds:
• White-rumped Vulture
• Slender-billed Vulture
• Red-headed Vulture
• Bengal Florican
• Sarus Crane
• Green Peafowl
• Greater Adjutant
• Milky Stork
• Giant and White-shouldered Ibis
• White-winged Duck
• Cambodian Tailorbird
• Mekong Wagtail
• Cambodian Laughingthrush (extension)
• Chestnut-headed Partridge (extension)
• Chinese Grassbird (extension)

Top Mammals:
• Eld’s Deer
• Gaur
• Banteng
• Pileated Gibbon
• Silvered Leaf-monkey
• Smooth-coated and Hairy-nosed Otter
• Irrawaddy Dolphin

Optional Activities:
5 Day extension to the Aural mountains and Pursat grasslands (see end of full itinerary for all the details)

Day 1 Arrival at Siem Reap
Day 2 Angkor Wat and birding in surrounding areas
Day 3 Prek Toal Bird Sanctuary
Day 4 Ang Trapaeng Thmor
Day 5 Tmatboey via Bengal Florican Conservation Site
Day 6 & 7 Tmatboey
Day 8 Tmatboey to Okoki
Day 9 Okoki
Day 10 Okoki to Boeng Toal Vulture Restaurant
Day 11 Boeng Toal Vulture Restaurant to Kratié
Day 12 Kratié to Cambodian Tailorbird Site and Departure from Phnom Penh
OR continue on 5 day Extension
Day 13 (ext) Phnom Penh to Aural mountain
Day 14 (ext) Aural mountain altitudinal birding
Day 15 (ext) Aural mountain altitudinal birding
Day 16 (ext) Aural mountain to Pursat
Day 17 (ext) Pursat grasslands and transfer to Phnom Penh. End of tour.

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