Tour Overview
The country of Mexico conjures up thoughts of tequila, the Aztecs, tasty nachos, pristine beaches, cactus-strewn deserts, border walls, drug cartels and soccer. But it offers so much more!

It is one of only 17 megadiverse countries on the planet, with incredible high levels of fauna and flora endemism, and incredible geographical diversity. No other country on Earth boasts more reptile species than Mexico, it is ranked second for mammal species (438 species) and it also has over 30,000 species of plants and more than 1,100 bird species.

Mexico’s eco-tourism sector is growing rapidly and birdwatching is high on the list, seeing that the country has an incredible 126 endemics, hundreds of near-endemics and 69 globally threatened species.

This exciting birding tour takes place in the state of Oaxaca in the southwest of the country. Its wide variety of habitats, wide elevation differences and relative isolation make this the richest of all the Mexican states in terms of its birds; it holds over 700 species! The state also boasts 8,400 plant species and over 1,400 terrestrial vertebrate species. Our trip will cover two major areas, the valleys close to Oaxaca City and the coast at Huatulco. We will visit key areas like Teotitlan del Valle, Benito Juarez National Park, the archaeological (and birding) site of Monte Albán and all the hotspots close to Huatulco, including a pelagic trip on the Pacific!
Apart from the excellent birding, Mexico also offers fantastic cultural heritage, great food, high quality customer service, colourful markets, archaeological wonders and much more.

Get ready for a birding trip of a lifetime!
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TOUR INFO:Tour starts in Oaxaca City and ends in Huatulco
Tour duration: 9 days / 8 nights
Type of accommodation: very comfortable, mid-rangeThis tour can be booked as a Private, small group tour based on your preferred travel dates
Next Group departure dates: To be confirmed
Top Attractions:
Oaxaca City-
verdant, World Heritage Site-listed city filled with rich history, colourful culture, superb architecture, great restaurants and more
Monte Albán-
fabulous ruins of an ancient Zapotec city, and a great birding spot!
Teotitlan del Valle-
legendary birding road in the valley with a very high endemism count
Benito Juarez National Park-
stunning park close to the city, boasting top birds
a laid-back resort, UNESCO Biosphere Reserve, bird-rich wonderland and thrill seeker’s paradise all in one!

Top Birds:
• Dwarf Jay
• Beautiful Sheartail
• Oaxaca and Dusky Hummingbird
• Dwarf and Slaty Vireo
• Oaxaca and Bridled Sparrow
• Ocellated Thrasher
• White-throated Towhee
• Grey-breasted Woodpecker
• Boucard’s and Veracruz Wren
• Red Warbler
• Red-breasted Chat

Top Mammals:
• Puma (small chance)
• Margay (small chance)
• Ocelot (small chance)
• Central American Red Brocket
• Northern Tamandua
• Mexican Cottontail
• Pygmy Spotted Skunk
• Mexican Black Agouti
• Plateau Deer Mouse
• Zempoaltepec Vole

Day 1 Arrival in Oaxaca City
Day 2 Oaxaca birding (valleys)
Day 3 Oaxaca birding (including Benito Juárez National Park)
Day 4 Oaxaca birding (high elevations)
Day 5 Monte Albán and travel to the coast
Day 6 Huatulco birding (altitudinal birding)
Day 7 Huatulco birding (including Huatulco National Park)
Day 8 Huatulco birding (including Pacific pelagic cruise)
Day 9 End of tour and Departure

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