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Spain is without a doubt the best European country for birdwatching. It acts as an avian bridge between Europe and Africa, with a unique combination of fantastic resident species complemented by many migrating species in spring and autumn that travel between their overwintering grounds in Africa and their breeding grounds in northern Europe. This, along with varied habitats and a wide range of microclimates in a relatively small surface area, has led to almost 650 different species having been recorded for the country. Furthermore Spain offers safe and easy birding, beautiful scenery (semi-arid steppes, alpine Pyrenees, marshes, wetlands and more), brilliant tourism infrastructure, photogenic Romanesque architecture and superb food and wine. Read more for full itinerary
Tour info:
Next departure dates: May 2021
Spaces available:Yes
Top Birds:
• Spanish Imperial Eagle
• Bonelli’s Eagle
• Pin-tailed and Black-bellied Sandgrouse
• White-headed Duck
• Audouin’s Gull
• Great and Little Bustard
• Iberian Magpie
• Dupont’s Lark
• Iberian Grey Shrike
• Wallcreeper

Top Mammals:

Red FoxRed Deer (Iberian subspecies) Fallow DeerGranada HareEuropean RabbitWild BoarIberian Lynx (very rare)Spanish IbexRed SquirrelMarmotChamois

Top Attractions:
• La Mancha Húmeda
• Extremadura, Monfragüe National Park
• Well-preserved Roman ruins
• Ebro valley plains
• Arrocampo wetlands
• The high Pyrenees and the Ebro Delta wetlands
• Madrid
• Barcelona
• excellent food & wine

Day 1 Madrid to La Mancha Húmeda & Extramadura
Day 2 The Monfragüe National Park
Day 3 The Cáceres plains & Arrocampo wetlands
Day 4 Extremadura to the Ebro Valley
Day 5 The Ebro valley and transfer to the Pyrenees
Day 6 The Pyrenees
Day 7 The Pyrenees
Day 8 The Pyrenees and transfer to Lleida
Day 9 Lleida to the Ebro Delta
Day 10 The Ebro Delta
Day 11 Pelagic cruise off the Mediterranean coast & birding in the Ebro Delta.
Day 12 Ebro Delta to Barcelona

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