North East India Birding

Tour Overview
Home to 1.3 billion people and positively buzzing with a kaleidoscope of colours, smells and tastes, India is also an avian wonderland, with almost 14% of the world’s species within its boundaries.The country has an extraordinary diversity of landscapes, vegetation and habitats, which in combination with vast altitudinal differences, result in a rich variety of fauna and flora species. The country’s northern boundary is made up by the timeless Himalayas, and along the foothills are the vast and fertile Indo-Gangetic plains. The arid Thar desert lies in the west of the country, while the central portion consists of the Deccan plateau, in turn flanked by the eastern and western Ghats. India also boasts a 7,500 km long coastline.

Apart from wonderful birds and iconic wildlife, India also promises sacred architecture, a melting pot of cultures and languages, Hindu mythology, joyous music and dance, glorious food, colourful festivals, cricket-mad friendly people, stunning landscapes and a buzz unmatched anywhere on Earth. It is a soul-stirring and utterly addictive place.

This 14 day Nature Travel Birding tour will visit one of the most remote parts of the Indian landscape, a beautiful landlocked area surrounded by Bangladesh, Bhutan, Tibet and Myanmar. The northeastern hill states of Assam and Arunachal Pradesh are a fascinating mosaic of different ethnic groups and landscapes, ranging from icy mountain peaks to lush forests and swampy wetlands. We will visit the top birding spots in these two states; in fact, they are some of the best avitourism destinations in all of Asia!

We will enjoy top birds, stunning other fauna and flora, breathtaking mountain scenery, fantastic local cuisine, exhilarating camping and very friendly people. Let’s go birding in Incredible India!

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Safari starts and ends in Guwahati.
Tour duration: 14 days / 13 nights
Type of accommodation: Comfortable, mid-range (camping on some days – see itinerary)
Next departure dates: End of February 2025
Private and small group, customised safaris can be booked on request for your preferred travel dates
Top Attractions:
Nameri National Park-
Beautiful riverside wonderland with top birds, including rare and endangered White-winged Duck
Dirang area-
Remote, altitudinal birding hotspot with loads of gamebirds and amazing mountain scenery
Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary-
Simply world famous, boasting over 650 avian species, and guarantees an unforgettable birding and camping experience
Kaziranga National Park-
UNESCO World Heritage Site, contains India’s “Big Five” and over 500 species of wonderful birdsTop Birds:
• Greater and Lesser Adjutant
• White-winged Duck
• Ibisbill
• Temminck’s and Blyth’s Tragopan
• Himalayan Monal
• Ward’s and Red-headed Trogon
• Black-breasted Parrotbill
• Bugun Liocichla
• Grandala
• Wallcreeper
• Fire-tailed Myzornis
• Blue-naped Pitta
• Spotted Elachura
• Yellow-rumped Honeyguide

Top Mammals:
• Tiger (small chance)
• Great Indian One-horned Rhinoceros
• Asian Elephant
• Asian Buffalo
• Swamp and Sambar Deer
• Red Panda
• Temminck’s Golden Cat
• Leopard Cat
• Ganges River Dolphin

Optional Activities:
• 4-day extension to Manas National Park (see full itinerary)

Day 1 Start of tour in Guwahati, transfer to Nameri National Park
Day 2 Nameri National Park
Day 3 Nameri to Dirang
Day 4 Dirang – Sela Pass and Sangti Valley
Day 5 Dirang – Mandala-Phudung
Day 6 Dirang to Eaglenest Wildlife Sanctuary (Lama Camp)
Day 7 Eaglenest (Lama Camp)
Day 8 Eaglenest (Lama to Bompu Camp)
Day 9 Eaglenest (Bompu and Sessni)
Day 10 Eaglenest (Bompu and Khellong)
Day 11 Eaglenest to Kaziranga National Park
Day 12 – 13 Kaziranga National Park
Day 14 Kaziranga to Guwahati and Departure

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