Southern Tanzania

Tour Overview
When international tourists think Africa, Tanzania is normally the first country they think off. Tanzania is famous for the annual great migration, The Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater, and various other iconic and well-known African wildlife attractions. And then there is Kilimanjaro, the highest point on the African continent.

From a birding point of view the country bird list is just under 1100 species of which 21 are endemic to Tanzania, 43 near-endemic and more than 800 residents. Add to that several range restricted species that is difficult to see anywhere else on the continent then it is easy to see why Tanzania should be on every birder’s bucket list.

Our Southern Tanzania birding trip might as well be called remote Tanzania since we will focus on birding destinations that are well off the beaten track and some very remote requiring a good deal effort just to get there. But once we are there the avian rewards are incredible. We will search for 5 species that was only discovered in the late 1980’s and early 90’s and many subspecies should be split into unique species very soon.

On this tour we will start and end in Dar es Salaam and visit Mikumi National Park and the Kilombero Swamp, both offering fantastic birding. Our main focus will be on the remote Ukaguru, Uluguru and Udzungwa Mountains, all part of the Eastern Arc Mountains, and the Uluti Forest all home to very localised and special birds. Remember to bring your sense of adventure along on this trip!!
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Safari starts and ends at Julius Nyerere Airport, Dar es Salaam
Tour duration: 15 days / 14 nights
Type of accommodation: Varies from comfortable city hotel and lodges, to mid-range guesthouses and camping for a few nights
This tour can be booked as a Private, small group tour based on your preferred travel dates
Next Group departure dates: To be confirmed
Top Attractions:
West Udzungwa Mountains-
very remote and very scenic forest, home to the Udzungwa Forest Partridge and other very special birds
Mikumi National Park-
Brilliant Miombo and Broad-leafed Woodland birding and excellent game viewing opportunities
Kilombero Swamp-
home to Kilombero Cisticola, White-tailed Cisticola and Kilombero Weaver, all 3 birds only described in the late 1980s
Uluguru and Ukaguru Mountain-
beautiful forest and home to many Tanzanian endemics
Uluti Forest
Rufous-winged Sunbird, discovered in 1983, Dapple-throat and Spot-throat can be found in this forest

Top Birds:
• Udzungwa Forest Partridge
• Rufous-winged Sunbird
• Kilombero Weaver
• Kilombero Cisticola
• White-tailed Cisticola
• Spot-throat
• Dapple-throat
• Yellow-collared Lovebird
• Iringa Akalat
• Rubeho’s Warbler and Rubeho’s Akalat
• Uluguru Greenbul
• Uluguru Bushshrike
• Winifred’s Warbler

Top Mammals:
• African Elephant
• African Buffalo
• Lion
• Maasai Giraffe
• Hippo
• African Wild Dog
• Bohor Reedbuck

Day 1 Start of tour at Arrival at Julius Nyerere Airport, Dar es Salaam
Day 2 Dar es Salaam to Morogoro, Eastern Arc Mountains
Day 3 Ukaguru Mountains
Day 4 & 5 Uluguru Mountains
Day 6 Mikumi National Park and off to Iringa
Day 7 Uluti Forest
Day 8 Off to the West Udzungwa Mountains
Day 9 &10 West Udzungwa Mountains
Day 11 Second camp in West Udzungwa Mountains
Day 12 Down from the mountains to Sanje
Day 13 Kilombero Swamp and off to Mikumi National Park
Day 14 Full day birding at Mikumi National Park
Day 15 Back to Dar es Salaam and departure flights

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