Oh, the excitement of seeing the Pel’s Fishing Owl!

Pel's Fishing Owl with Nature Travel Birding

There are very few birds that bring more excitement when spotted by a birder for the first time than the Pel’s Fishing Owl.

Anticipation fills the air as we quietly approach a possible roosting spot. Slowly….we are trying our best not to step on any dry leaves or twigs that might alarm the birds.

They are a beautiful ginger-colour with a streaked or spotted breast. These owls are large, between 60 and 64cm tall, weighing around 2.4kg.  And their striking, huge black eyes stare down at you with a look of annoyance when you have found them at their day-time roost. 

The Pel’s Fishing Owl is always a highlight and big attraction on our Nature Travel Birding tours in the Caprivi and Botswana. Read more about our Namibia, Botswana & Zambia Birding Tour, we’d love for you to join us on the next one.

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