Magical Birding in the Northern Kruger

The Northern Kruger is known to be the area where you are likely to see rare antelopes like Roan Antelope, Tsessebe and Sable Antelope. Herds of African Elephant and African Buffalo depend on the rivers here for water, and predators such as Lion, Leopard and Spotted Hyaena concentrate where prey is abundant. 

But it’s not all about the wildlife. The renowned Kruger Park is the best birding destination in Southern Africa with more than 500 bird species.

In the north,  the Pafuri area is regarded by some visitors as the most enchanting corner of the Kruger, and is undoubtedly the most important locality for birds in the park, especially for rare vagrants and birds from tropical Africa

Sharing expert-guide, Marc Cronje’s Virtual Birding Tour in the Northern Kruger will give you a good idea why this has to get a place on your Birding to-do list.

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