Florida Winter Birding

Tour Overview
The word “winter” conjures up images of log fires, snowfall and hot beverages. But even in winter the “Sunshine State” of Florida boasts a moderate, pleasant climate. Of course it is known the world over for its amusement parks, laid-back beachside lifestyle, multi-ethnic cuisine, the Everglades, sports, and for being a popular destination for retirees.

The flattest state in the US is, luckily for us, also an avian paradise, with 525 species on the official state list! This makes the state the most species-rich state east of the Mississippi. The state’s richly diverse habitats include pine forests, grasslands, wetlands and the second longest coastline of all the states. It is an excellent place for a birding tour, and winter is the time of year when Florida comes alive with birdlife! The mild winters attract a superb assortment of diverse species, with the distinct possibility of a rarity turning up as a bonus.

Besides the wonderful resident bird species, you will be able to view and photograph birds from northern areas that have migrated to the state for the winter. These additional species come here to take advantage of the longer days and abundance of food and habitat that Florida has to offer. This tour, spanning from Tallahassee in the north to the southern Everglades, focuses on these avian species plus other wildlife (including mammals and butterflies) we may encounter. We will take some wonderful photographs, enjoy superb cuisine, marvel at the natural beauty around us, and revel in “fantastic Florida”! Let’s go birding!
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Safari starts and ends in Orlando
Tour duration: 10 days / 9 nights
Type of accommodation: Comfortable, mid-range
Next departure dates: To be confirmed
Private and small group, customised safaris can be booked on request for your preferred travel dates
Top Attractions:
Lake Apopka
Ocala National Forest
Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge
Canaveral National Seashoree
Joe Overstreet Landing
Everglades National Park
Green Cay Wetlands

Top Birds:
•Florida Scrub Jay
• Eastern Whip-poor-will
• Great Horned Owl
• American Bittern
• King Rail
• Black Scoter
• Red-cockaded Woodpecker
• Bachman’s Sparrow
• Brown-headed Nuthatch
• Yellow-breasted Chat

Top Mammals:
• American Black Bear (small chance)
• Bobcat
• Puma (“Florida Panther”)
• Eastern Spotted and Striped Skunk
• Fox Squirrel
(shermani subspecies)
• Nine-banded Armadillo
• West Indian Manatee

Optional Activities:
• Pelagic birding trip

Day 1 Arrival in Orlando
Day 2 Lake Apopka
Day 3 Ocala National Forest
Day 4 Tallahassee
Day 5 Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge & Canaveral National Seashore
Day 6 Joe Overstreet Landing
Day 7 Downtown Miami exotic birding OR optional pelagic cruise
Day 8 Everglades National Park
Day 9 Blackpoint Marina, Wilton Manor & Green Cay Wetlands; transfer to Orlando
Day 10 Departure

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